This month I have been working on a new range of beaded hair accessories. Whether you’re a bride looking for a delicate, bohemian hair vine or somebody who prefers the more traditional tiara style, your bespoke design can be handmade to order.



Megan Una Wedding Hair Megan Una Wedding Hair Hair Combs and Slides

Hair combs and slides are an elegant choice for securing sections of your hair and adding structure to a certain area, for example a low tousled bun or braid. If you prefer a small pop of colour or shimmer, you may choose the option of tiny jewelled hair pins, instead. Combs and slides can be created using the pearls and rhinestones that have been chosen for your dress design for a sparkle that carries throughout your whole look.





HeadbandsMegan Una Wedding Hair

Headbands are a beautiful choice for simply framing the face and keeping accessories to a minimum. My latest designs consist of alternate pearls and iridescent beads for a subtle twinkle, however you may choose more of a heavily embellished tiara to add more emphasis to your hair. I have also experimented with adding coloured glass beads for those wishing to incorporate more of a romantic, botanical inspired theme to their wedding. I LOVE the pastel beadwork and these would also look amazing on bridesmaids and flower girls, too.

Megan Una Wedding Hair Megan Una Wedding Hair










 Hair Vines and Flexibands

Hair vines and flexibands are a must for the boho bride. These are a fab option and a personal favourite of mine because of how much freedom you have to tweak and position the shape of these into your hairstyle. By choosing a feminine floral design with spreading vines, you will look effortlessly elegant and sophisticated. Flexibands can be made with closed ends and positioned with grips by your hair stylist, or alternatively, you may wish to add ribbons so that they can be tied over your hair instead of weaved into it. With the flexibility to lace these through a braid or positioned over your forehead, the possibilities are endless!


Megan Una Wedding Hair

Megan Una Wedding Hair

Megan Una Wedding Hair



All head dresses are handmade to order and are available in a variety of beads and designs, again to compliment your bespoke bridal gown. By selecting your own materials, your hairpiece will have your own signature style and this can be applied to any of the above designs. I have loved creating these accessories and it would be great to know your thoughts about bridal head dresses!

Megan xx